This is the final drafted copy of the academic essay associating predominantly with copyright and its presence within the film and gaming industries accompanied with an assessment of two blockbuster franchises within them. I hope you enjoy.   

A Troubled Security Future

This essay will contend that the association with the philosophies of copyright within the movie and gaming industries has a negative impact on the developmental aspects of character production in a specific industry and the restrictions it postures towards the supplementary and additionally, the implications it carriages regarding the tenure of ‘free speech’. The argument will be deconstructed through the analysing of two distinguished franchise characters that have risen to prominence in their respected industry and as a consequence, have hindered the transmitting to the other for future productions. The first character that will be examined in the context of copyright is the DC Comics personality of Batman or Bruce Wayne, whose film industry presence can be examined from the late 50’s. The second disposition that will be examined is associated with the Assassin’s Creed franchise in the gaming industry. This franchise is undergoing the transition from gaming juggernaut to film identity and has faced many issues contending with the association of copyright. The final part to the analysis is associated with how the concept of ‘free speech’ is effected by the examples listed previously as well as the prospects that lie ahead for the two industries when in consideration of how copyright might restrict any future productions for both industries.

As time transcended, so did the importance placed upon copyright presence within film production phases, as it was observed as an important security measure in the protection of film couture and concepts. The film industry, when considered as an entity, has been in existence from the late 1800’s with the introduction of silent films and continuing with the steady evolution of technology that has created many memorable film experiences. Copyright didn’t come into full effect in the motion picture industry until the introduction of colour technology; which carried a law that rendered any film fashioned with colour is habitually protected by copyright for exactly seventy-five years after initial release (Davis, 1987, 1).
It is essential to use this particular focus as the centrepiece for the argument reciting to strong restrictions placed upon all elements of character development within the respected industry. Bob Kane’s Batman character is possibly the most recognised superhero in the modern day due to the characters screen presence in recent years. The character’s origin is linked to the comic’s distributer brand DC Comics, and has successfully conjoined partnership with the Warner Brothers Pictures Distribution Company since the year 1937. Upon the purchase and joining of the two brands, Warner brothers was entitled to “more than a thousand world-famous DC Super Heroes and Super Villains, such as Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Joker, and The Riddler. Further, the agreement includes well-loved characters such as The Flash, Green Lantern, Aquaman, Shazam!, Green Arrow and Hawkman” (Business Wire, 2007). Batman’s appearance in other mediums is not the only example of negative effect provided by the existence of copyright as the laws sustained within its understanding can also provide restrictions upon the suit interpretations. An example of this can be provided with the use of the recent film trilogy directed by Christopher Nolan titled ‘The Dark Knight Trilogy’. The suit used within these three films was strictly restricted to that of the films created by Nolan, and could not be used in any adaption of game or film stranding away from the Warner Brothers brand. If an interpretation of the Dark Knight was to occur by another distributer or brand and additionally included any aspect of Nolan’s suit interpretation; permission would need to be granted by Warner Brothers first.  Copyright effect on this particular popular identity has been transferred to the gaming industry in the form of the successful Arkham games, although the games were austerely under the brand of Warner Brothers, and as such, received an organized cut of the profits upon launch. The Assassin’s Creed series is another matter entirely; as the effect of copyright within the series has caused many developmental issues in its transition from the gaming industry to the film industry. 

The gaming industry as it stands momentarily is the fastest growing industry in the world (Consalvo, 2012, 407), with its influence quickly spreading through all ages across the world as gaming becomes easier to access regardless of location in the world. This growth in recent memory can be easily argued that it was due to the assistance from mobile and tablet based products, however the principal carters that started the movement can be linked back to the three big syndicates, Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo. Each of these companies have produced games that generate great profit and audience bases for businesses. Accompanying each of these companies is strong concubine laws that enforce copyright towards all their products spreading through their identities and objects that are publicized within. An example of Nintendo’s trademark and copyright laws being breached can be seen with a successful lawsuit filed against Camerica Corp in the late 1980’s for a game consoles breach in cartridge design. The design according to Nintendo of the time significantly resembled that of a product under the company’s name and as such filed a victorious lawsuit for breach of established copyright (Adamas, 1990, v.20). The gaming industry has been called the second highest regulated business behind that of nuclear energy (South China Morning Post, 2009, 1). Regulation of games can effect sales numbers however with copyright also in place the effect on originality towards future games is greatly apprehended.
The Assassin’s Creed series is what is known as a flagship game developed by Ubisoft and profits greatly within the three big companies. For seven years the Assassin’s creed series has developed under the title of ‘blockbuster videogame’ with each installment under numeric ascension establishing a differentiating character upon the release of each game. The subject matter within each of the games presents alternated history with settings of iconic historic moments. Since the series catapulted to its blockbuster format in 2007, the game franchise underwent strict copyright formatting by the request of Ubisoft. As a result of this, originality established within the games ranging from costuming, symbols and themes were placed under copyright trademarks and were the property of Ubisoft. As the franchise begins to make the transition to film, the copyright placements upon the objects and themes has made it difficult to adapt by a film distribution company. To combat this, Ubisoft collaborated with private distributer New Regency to write the screenplay and showcase the symbols, costumes and themes associated with the series to avoid breach of copyright (Anonymous, 2009).

The notions of copyright have a negative effect on the principles associated with the term ‘free speech’. Evidence of this can be summarized by the analyzing of two big franchises in the film and gaming industries. Netanel believes that copyright underwrites literature, journalism, music, art and film and states that copyright “often stands in the way of speech that would build upon existing expression to convey new messages and artistic perspectives” (Netanel, 2009, 109). This can be applied to the two franchise based examples assessed previously. The film industry has precast the character of Batman into a world-wide phenomenon whilst under the distribution brand of Warner Brothers. In doing so, each adaption of the character has experienced some form of copyright towards the characters presentation with the example of Nolan’s Dark Knight and the game examples of the Batman Arkham Series. Under the trademark branding of these two juggernaut entities a limitation has been placed upon the freedom to create original work, publish and then sell the work to the public. The effect of such restrictions on the possible creation of further work is entirely negative, as an attitude will form of which will see film product cessation and eventually, the possible extinction of entertainment work.  
The gaming franchise ‘Assassin’s Creed’ is no different to this as its gaming presence has been extremely positive for the gaming distributing brand of which it is entailed. The gaming industry regarded by consumers as an entity that sells computer games, and the popularity ensued by this title has formed the argument that games be examined as a cognitive field that is emerging to compete against already established distinctiveness that pushes developers to always think originally (Dovey, 2006, 84). This can be harmful in the flowing release of games from developers and eventually could lead to the harming of the industry if consideration is not taken and attempted amendments into the details laws of the associated adaption of copyright application. 

The association with the philosophies concerned with the enforcement of copyright in regards to the film and gaming industries has become essential to the continuing practices in contemporary society. The analysis of two distinct franchises under both the industries has seen identities such as Bob Kane’s Batman undergo many changes in character design and interpretation. This is due to copyright existence that enforces original work when in production and concerns the character of the Batman. In the gaming industry, the Assassin’s Creed franchise has experienced copyright enforced laws that have evolved due to the popularity of blockbuster franchise and forced developer Ubisoft to protect their original ideas. With the franchise undergoing strict copyright protection the symbols, costumes and themes cannot be replicated further in future work such as the future film currently in production. The implications of this in regards to free speech produces a negative effect that strains the purposes instilled by the values of the term. For copyright to continue to coincide with protective security towards developers and filmmakers original ideas, lenience’s will have to be assessed and in turn produced to secure a profitable future for both industries. 



The upcoming 1500 word essay that is currently in the stages of planning and development and will focus on the topic of combining the notions of copyright with the movie and gaming industries. Focussing on the aspects of character development in one medium and the restrictions it poses on the other and the limitations is poses on the term of ‘free speech’.

The position being placed whilst writing the essay is one that views the existence of copyright in these entertainment industries as a negative effect. The incorporation of considering free speech into the topic is necessary and in doing so will establish a paragraph devoted to the effects that it presents in upcoming aspiring personalities in the industry.

The elements of the essay will include the introduction and comparison of two key industry franchises by the nam7es of Batman and Assassin’s Creed and will be related to each other under the assessment of copyright.

The research conducted in the past week leading up to the final product has seen myself enter a new area of information gathering as my topic saw me discovering that a lot of my sources are originated from that of international newspaper articles. As its stands now, the writing of this passage and the coming deadline this Friday has me doing the final honing of my information for delivery by mid-night.

Work-In-Progress Reference List:

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  5. Netanel, N.W (2009) ‘Copyright: Free Speech Burdon’s’, Oxford University Press, p.g 109

For the upcoming academic essay I have selected the topic of copyright and free speech, however I have decided to take the idea of combining the notions of copyright with the movie and gaming industries. I will focus on the aspects of character development in one medium and the restrictions it poses on the other and the limitations is poses on the term of ‘free speech’.

I participated in the ABC political vote compass to familiarise myself with the political parties in the upcoming federal election.

After completing the questionnaire the results turned back:

60% Liberal National Party / Coalition 

46% Australian Labour Party

34% Greens


To stick with my political beliefs I have limited participation in government based information services such as:

E-Petition – I do not participate in these because I barely ever receive knowledge of what or when a e-petion that relates to me in particular is ever occurring. I cannot recall any participation in the past in regards to e-petitions across any genres.

Sending Barack Obama a Message – I will probably never be in a position where I will send the president of the United states a message in regards to an issue that may effect me. The major reason behind this is the fact that I live in a completely country on the other side of the world.

Respond to a professional blogger – I respond to professional bloggers quite  often especially in regards to film and gaming bloggers that convey information from large events or if important news or details regarding fans is released.

NBN (National broadband Network) – I could not care less about the NBN, it baffles me that so much time is being allocated to this service when everything functions fine as it is at the current time. There are far more important issues in this coming election than the NBN services. 

Contacting a Local member of Parliament  – I haven’t ever had or felt the need to contact my local member of parliament, and if I felt the need to contact my local member it would always be accompanied by the idea that my message will be discarded if they find the issue that I  bring up irrelevant. This however can be combated by the idea that if there is an issue that has become popular by locals than the politician will have to respond as there is no way of them ignoring the problem.  As such is the reason why I haven’t felt the need to have to contact  my local member.

Censorship in Democracy – The population in democracy are led to believe that they have a right to free speech which is clearly evident in everyday that we exist, however the right to view what we want wherever we want is censored. In my view this is required, as the material that is shown in regards to violence and vulgarity is growing in detail and popularity. As such it is my view that censorship is needed in areas of entertainment, literature and most importantly the world wide web. Access is becoming easier and easier for people so government control over the matter may become necessary but not to the degree of what may be evident in communism. Where it can be seen that nearly all forms of entertainment mediums can be censored by the government or military.


The survey categorising the understanding of social media focusing on Facebook returned a response of four participants. From those four participants within the survey it could be concluded that all spent at least 1 hour a week on the social media juggernaut. While all responses showed 25% of people utilised Facebook for more than 5 hours a week. 100% of all participants said that they do not pay attention to the Facebook ads from the websites games, offers and also businesses. Interestingly one response did elaborate that they do have some use for Facebook in regards to following businesses majors like Sony who would use Facebook to regularly update news feeds information for fans. All participants responded differently about how long they have used Facebook with a 25% difference ranging from 1 year using the site to 4 years.
If there was anything from the survey that is worth pursuing, it would be about the use of Facebook by users for following big companies and if the use of big businesses on Facebook is really necessary for people to pay attention.
On the contrary to results from my survey, based off other particular surveys conducted in Australia a major issue is the establishment and conducting of relationships using the site. Results have shown a considerable negative effect on the subject matter and there is a possibility of being able to link this particular negative effect to that of business success on the juggernaut.

Developing an Understanding of Facebook’s True Popularity

So how popular is Facebook really ?
Click on the title

This is a timeline detailing the (not always successful) history of cyberpunk motion picture history post 1973 beginning with the German film World on a Wire (english name).

Academic Reference: Blade Runner, 1982. Film. Directed by Ridley SCOTT, USA, Warner Brothers

URL Link:

In 1994 Professor Stephen Stockwell wrote about alternative media in Brisbane and the full citation details are:

Stockwell, Stephen 1994, ‘Alternative Media in Brisbane‘, Queensland Review (St Lucia) Queensland, retrieved August 2013 from Griffith University Library.

The source that I retrieved this journal article from is the Griffith University online library database. This particular database contains all academic references by academics worldwide.

Task 2:

Internet addiction is now a becoming a real problem from all the latest introductions of online based entertainment such as gambling and gaming. The article ‘Examining the structure of the Internet Addiction‘ examines the latest finding from the latest reports and investigations into high school students use of the internet. The findings revealed that Internet addiction is becoming extremely prominent in High school students not only locally but internationally as well and the bifactor’s for such addiction is growing greatly in contemporary society and new technology emerges.


Watters, Carolyn A 2013, ‘Examining the structure of the Internet Addiction Test in adolescents: A bifactor approach‘, Journal of Computers in human behaviour, vol. 29, no.6, pp. 2294 – 2302

The internet database that I used for these findings is the Griffith University online library database.
Task 3
With the power of the internet in contemporary society it can be understood that anyone who decides that they want to hack into a secure network or database can be achieved with sheer perseverance. Surveillance camera’s are no exception to this particular idea, as I.T engineers are now warning that these security tools can be easily hacked and used for the benefit of criminals or worse governments. The website Gizmodo Australia published and article that details the easiness of hacking into surveillance camera’s with access to todays technologies. This to me is particularly worrying as there are surveillance camera’s in nearly all public areas and if the possibility of these camera’s being hacked is there, I for one am not exactly feeling safe.
Citation: Most Popular Surveillance Cameras Can Be Hacked 2012, Kim Zetter, viewed 11 August 2013,
Task 4
If I was to write an essay I would centralise the theme around ‘The Evolution of Twitter’. My reasoning for deciding on a topic such as this is because I myself have no idea about how twitter came into the entity it is today and if I was to conduct a research essay into its history I believe it would expand my knowledge of this popular online communication service.
Three academic resources I would use are:
1. Newspaper Article The evolution of Twitter: Co-founder says that premium corporate accounts will be part of company’s future
Citation: Wong, Wailin 2009, ‘The evolution of Twitter: Co-founder says that premium corporate accounts will be part of company’s future’, Chicago Tribune, October 7 2009, p. 1
2. Journal Article
Citation: Bolhuis, Johan J., Kazuo Okanoya, and Constance Scharff. “Twitter evolution: converging mechanisms in birdsong and human speech.” Nature Reviews Neuroscience 11.11 (2010): 747+. Health Reference Center Academic. Web. 10 Aug. 2013
3. Book
Citation: Hollingsworth, Jack 2011, ‘Social Media Marketing for Digital Photographers’, John Wiley & Sons, Incorporated, p.272

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